such as disinfection lamps, towel s, water cups, toys, books,

such as disinfection lamps, towel s, water cups, toys, books,

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First, swimmers should try their best to choose swimming places with good water quality and less pollution; they should wear appropriate swimming goggles and close their eyes as far as possible when diving; do not rub their eyes with hands as far as possible, and those with high myopia cannot dive head-down. so as not to cause retinal detachment. After swimming, wash your face and bath with clean water in time. Second, pay attention to eye hygiene, pay attention to hand hygiene, try not to rub eyes with hands, do not use towels provided in public places to wipe eyes.

One of the key features that makes a beach mesh bag such a fantastic choice for kids is its breathability and quick drying nature. Made from durable and lightweight mesh material, these bags allow air to circulate freely, preventing dampness and odor build-up. After a fun-filled day at the beach, simply shake off any excess sand, rinse the bag using water, and leave it out to dry. This fantastic convenience eliminates the need for lugging around heavy and bulky towels or dealing with the hassle of cleaning bags made from other materials.

The first task of the room attendant is to clean the room. Cleaning the guest room is also a must standard to find. At work, the waiter should knock on the door before entering the room, and the knocking force should not be too strong, otherwise it will frighten the guests, but also to prevent the sound from causing the two guests to be inaudible. Another point is that when the waiter arrives at the door of the room, if he finds that the door is open and there are no guests in the room, be sure to report to the service center and clearly record the entry time on the room table. In practice, two people usually clean the room together, so as to avoid the omission of room items and sanitary conditions. One person is responsible for cleaning the bathroom, mainly cleaning glass, toilets and mending towels and consumables. The other is responsible for the room outside the bathroom, mainly including bed-making, sweeping, dusting, mending and mopping the floor. Under normal circumstances, I am responsible for things other than the bathroom.

The above is the situation of our conservation work. In addition, in terms of class hygiene, we insist on sweeping twice a day, once a week, disinfecting cups, towels and desks every day, and keeping the arrangement in the classroom orderly.

Young children should also pay attention to cold protection and warmth in outdoor sports. Experts suggest that children can be folded, when parents take their children for outdoor sports, it is recommended to wear loose and comfortable clothes, you can try to fold, do not wear a piece of too thick, wear more thin clothes, hot can take off. Can prepare a towel, when the child sweats after exercise, use to dry the body sweat, so that the child will not catch a cold.

such as disinfection lamps, towel s, water cups, toys, books,

This training is given by the kindergarten health care doctor. First of all, the teachers were explained in detail from the aspects of responsibility, safety, hygiene and disinfection standard operation, with emphasis on the requirements and specific operation methods of sanitary cleaning and disinfection work such as object surface disinfection and air disinfection. The specific disinfection methods of daily necessities such as disinfection lamps, towels, water cups, toys, books, and game materials, as well as the configuration proportion of disinfectant were explained in detail.

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