can be gently washed with warm soft towel s, can not swim,

can be gently washed with warm soft towel s, can not swim,

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2, when taking a bath, do not rub the skin hard, do not use soap, bath gel and other irritating liquids, can be gently washed with warm soft towels, can not swim, soak in hot springs. Do not stick adhesive tape on the skin of the radiation area, avoid hot and cold stimulation at the radiation site, and do not use ice bags and hot water bags. [1]

Suggestion: after applying conditioner, wring the towels soaked in hot water and letting them cool for a few seconds, then wrap the hair up and rinse clean after 3 minutes. This allows the conditioner to be better absorbed by the hair and repair the damaged hair.

Towels will also be used in the bathroom, we should pay attention to the choice of towel poles when buying towel poles, otherwise it will be very troublesome when using them.

In order to better carry out the nursing work of the catheter of hemodialysis patients and improve the nursing ability of patients, it is necessary for patients to develop good living habits in their daily life, to avoid sweat flowing into the tube mouth, otherwise it is easy to destroy the pipe and cause infection, which requires patients to develop the habit of timely sweat wiping in their daily life. In the process of wiping, clean towels or paper towels can be used.

Try to have a look, even if it is to make breakfast for your family, keep a sense of ritual in the end with a romantic heart. You can light a touch of incense at the edge of the tea made for your father, or you can help your mother put away the towel and fold a little flower. These are all romantic, the more hands-on things, the more romantic. In my opinion, in this lot of time at home, there are plenty of opportunities for romance; how can you be bored and worried?

If the bite is swollen, you can also use cold towels (wet towels put in the refrigerator to cool) for 5-10 minutes at a time; children over 3 years old can also use toothpaste and cool oil to achieve cool anti-inflammatory and anti-swelling effects. Aspirin tablets can also be crushed into powder and dissolved in water to play the role of anti-inflammation and anti-itching.

Frequent perm dye: often perm, dye hair will damage the hair scales, so that the hair loses its luster, becomes dry and irritable. Improper care after washing: when the hair is wet, the hair scales are open, then rub with a towel or lie down to sleep, they will be damaged. Wind and sun: if you spend a long time outdoors, the moisture in your hair will be lost, and most of the grease on the surface of your hair will be lost. And ultraviolet radiation will also cause protein denaturation, hair will become dry and irritable. Hair keratin loss: with age, a large number of keratin will be lost, hair is prone to dry and irritable, easy to break, hair damage and so on.

A set of fully automatic ultra-fine towel machine which can replace 6 skilled sewing workers has a wide range of applications and can be used in “small quadrilateral” towels, such as pillow towels, cloth towels, dry hair towels, bath towels, mesh dishcloth towels, non-woven filter bags and other single and double-layer fabric edge sewing products; can do a variety of stitches: three-thread edge, four-wire edge, double-needle five-thread and other edge products. In view of the ever-changing market demand, from ultrasonic thread ironing to automatic material collection device, and then to the introduction of AI visual recognition function automatic detection, visual correction, to achieve zero fabric loss in the towel production process. At present, 90% of the customers in the towel industry use TPET automatic quadrilateral sewing equipment, and it takes only 5 years from product development to basic coverage in the industry.

Dad immediately put on his shoes and clothes to go downstairs to check, but the 9-year-old girl strongly advised him that it was irresponsible to be so reckless. The little girl picked up a wet towel and handed it to her father and urged him to cover his mouth and nose thoroughly to prevent poisoning. With the reminder of the little girl, my father remembered that in such a critical situation, he really needed to think twice about the best and safe course of action.

can be gently washed with warm soft towel s, can not swim,

Cat tear stains are also formed by long-term accumulation of secretions in the corners of the eyes. Owners should help cats clean their eyes by wiping their eyes with warm towels every day and giving cats some funny cat eye drops to clean their eyes. this is what the owner should pay attention to.

Fourth, advocate returning to their hometown and work at the wrong peak. During the Spring Festival travel period, we should plan the itinerary in advance and prepare sufficient masks, hands-free drugs and other protective materials. When riding by plane, train and other means of transport, it is necessary to observe order and crew management requirements, wear masks throughout the journey, do good hand hygiene, and properly keep the bill for inquiry. Take the elevator should wear a mask, do not touch other facilities in the elevator; enter the room before opening windows for ventilation; it is recommended to bring their own water cups, towels and other personal belongings; recommend non-contact payment. After returning from the trip, continue to do a good job of personal health monitoring, should be self-observation for 14 days, once there is physical discomfort, timely medical treatment, and take the initiative to inform the residence situation.

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